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Living Starlight Combination Essence

Universal support. Trust.

It strengthens your natural connection with the earth, let go your worries and gives the feeling that you are supported by the universe. The essence gives trust, relaxation and releases you from everything that is not part of your being.

10 ml stock essence 

The Living Starlight Essence is not a combination or flower essence, it is a cosmic essence

This essence connects you with your natural earth being and with the stars. It is an essence from a five-pointed star, with three points directing horizontally, one point directing down and one point directing up. The essence gives relaxation and releases everything that is not part of your being. 

First it helps you to find the wholeness of your being on earth and then the essence deepens the connection of your being with the earth and with the cosmic energies. 


The Living Starlight Essence is a ‘cosmic essence’, made from the vibrational frequencies of a five-pointed star, organic brandy and spring water.


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