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Love Combination Essence

Loving yourself. Being loved.

All we need. The Love helps to awaken love for yourself and others. Opens your heart for the warmth, care and love of your own being. To be able to give and receive love, without denying your own needs. Giving love with pleasure from out the source of your own self.

10 ml stock essence 

The seven beings of Light.  Love Combination Essence awakens the Love for yourself, others and the earth. First it strengthens your connection with the earth and then opens your heart for the care and Love of your own being. 

As a result, you are in the condition to give this love to others, without denying your own needs.  Giving love with pleasure from the source of your own self.  

A powerful catalyst which connects you to your Higher Light and your Angel of Love. 

Abundance: of love, because of the integration.
Abuse: as a general restorer.
Acceptation: that you are love and can love yourself.
Anger: because you can't receive love.
Childhood: not feel loved.
Closed: because you don't feel enough love for yourself.
Courage: to "show" yourself better.
Death: to stay in your power when family or friends have died.
Depression: through a lack of love.
Deepening: your source of love.
Development: of love.
Emergency: for all situations, also locally on the body, where there is a shortage of love.
Feelings: make a connection with the deepest source of your feelings.
Female strength: opens for the power of love.
Healing work: use on all traumatised spots.
Heart: connects you with your source of love.
Individuality: overall strengthening of your individuality.
Love: to love yourself.
Oversensitive: because of a lack of trust in yourself.
Restore: of the love for yourself.
Sexuality: integration of love.
Shyness: strengthens the love for yourself.
Sorrow: as a first aid in acute situations.
Help: from your inner source of love.
Support: from the source of love in you.
Surgery: after serious surgery, especially in situations that are heart related.
Trauma: general restore of the love for yourself after trauma.


The Love Combination Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Borage, Foxglove, Greater Celandine, (Red) Poppy, Red Henbit, Snowdrop and Yellow Star Tulip, organic brandy and spring water.


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