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The Motherwort flower essence has to do with family patterns. It is for those who don’t feel at home in their family and on earth and easily feel under attack. When it has not been possible to receive the warmth and love of the family and as a result you become hardened, rigid and feel like a stranger on the earth. Just like the Motherwort plant you become prickly and start to react negatively to those around you. 

When you have the feeling that you cannot open your heart in the specific environment you are living in, Motherwort flower essence brings its softness and helps you to stay open to the love and support of family and friends in the here and now.

The Motherwort essence  works on and resolves old family problems specially when they are related to love and support.  Motherwort integrates the different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, giving a deeper insight into how your rigidity and need to conform are no longer necessary. When you are stiff and starchy, it helps you to loosen up, transforming what has become over structured and over organised. In this way Motherwort brings you peace and relaxation. It is particularly good for letting go off the fear of being hurt. Motherwort has proven to be useful for dealing with spine problems aggressiveness towards others. 


The Motherwort essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Motherwort (Leonurus cardiac) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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