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Mycena Mushroom essence is a good cleanser for deep, unresolved emotions. Improves your connection with the earth. Being able to carry on in difficult situations and uncertainties, especially when everything around you seems to be in ruins. At the same time, it has a purifying action and restoring effect on the aura. In nature, mushrooms help in the breaking down of hard elements that are difficult to “digest”.  "Gnome" energy and the influence of Pluto.


  • I am in balance in thought and feeling.
  • My being is in balance with the Earth.
  • I remember my caring and my connection with the Earth.


Abuse: to release old, often forgotten emotions.
Aura: closes the aura, also repairs after drug abuse.
Chaos: go on in spite of chaos.
Childhood: deal with emotions in/from your childhood.
Cleansing: of not digested and often forgotten emotions.
Clearing: of deep and old emotions.
Deal with: all difficult to digest emotions.
Duty: be at home here on earth, without having to.
Feel at home: feel that you belong here on earth.
Going on: even when everything around you looks like a mess.
Insight: in the old, often forgotten and/or not yet released emotions.
Moving: to ground on the new spot.
Opposition: go on when everything looks like a mess.
Protection: restoring the aura with light.
Surgery: restores the earth connection after anaesthesia.
Trust: when everything looks like a mess.
Earth / Grounding: despite many difficulties and many emotions.
Emotions: to deal with old, often forgotten emotions.
Power: to go on, even when everything around you seems to be a mess.


The Mycena Mushroom essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Mycena Mushroom (Mycena polygramma), organic brandy and spring water.


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