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Orchid - Red Helleborine Flower Essence  (Cephalanthera rubra)

Certainty. Healing quality.

Strength in all circumstances. Act from your heart, without giving in, follow your own path. Opens you to “higher” energies and healing. When you are not sure about the path of being a healer, or you have doubts about the way you are going.

10 ml stock essence

The message of this Orchid essence is unity of being in all circumstances. It message is inner certainty, not letting yourself be pushed aside by people or circumstances but following your own path in purity. It softens that which is hard and improves the circulation.  Lets the unique person that you are be seen in the outside world.  Opens you to “higher” energies.  Can be helpful for healers especially when short of energy because not yet able to retain a proper connection with their own Higher Selves.  Gives more power for the healing of others and lets this force stream out of the Higher Self into the world.  Helps you to be a bearer of the Light.

This orchid grows in sandy clearings in the forest and, as its Dutch name suggests, has flowers in the form of little birds. 


  • I mirror the Light from my Being into the surroundings.
  • I fill myself with Light from my own Being and confirm this in me.
  • I am a violet flame, burning bright with healing power.


Acceptation: the unicity of who you are.
Awareness: of having healing powers.
Certainty: when you do not know if you are on the right way.
Courage: because you are certain of yourself.
Expression: standing up for yourself.
Feelings: standing up for your unique feeling.
Going on: on the way you go.
Growth: in your healing work.
Healing work: strengthening and certainty of the healing work.
Higher Self: connection with the universal healing power.
Individuality: to bring out your unique personality.
Limitations: not believe that you have qualities as a healer.
Listen: to your own unique qualities.
Opposition: follow your way in purity, in spite of opposition.
Power: healing power and unique identity.
Precise: work very precisely because of your certainty.
Restore: strengthening of your own restoring power.
Restore: don't let your unique rhythm disturb by others.
Shyness: acknowledge your own unique personality and unique qualities.
Space: don't let yourself push away, strengthens your "self-will.”
Trust: in your own unique Strength and qualities.


This Orchid - Red Helleborine essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Orchid - Red Helleborine (Cephalanthera rubra) flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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