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Peppermint Flower Essence (Mentha piperita)

Mental awakening. Digestion.

Helps you to digest everything that is difficult. It helps you deal with deep emotions and problems which you see and which you cannot get out of your mind. The insight that a part of you can be blocking the development of your highest good, letting go the inner terrorist.

10 ml stock essence

Peppermint essence helps you to digest everything that is difficult, especially what is happening in this moment in your life and in the world. It helps you deal with deep emotions and problems which you see in the world around you, all the things that come your way and which you cannot get out of your mind. Peppermint essence also gives you insight into the behaviour patterns, and structures you have been holding on to since the time you were born. It might even be that you are no longer aware of these patterns and structures. Peppermint gives the insight that these are a part of you and that they can be blocking the development and growth of your highest good.


Abundance: awake and clear while growing.
Abuse: to deal with all kinds of abuse.
Adapt (to): to old patterns.
Acceptation: acceptation and processing.
Activity: awake and clear, mental power.
Awareness: of your spirituality.
Chaos: lets you think clearly and gives strength.
Childhood: deal with everything that you have taken on and that is not yours.
Cleansing: mentally, as well as emotionally and physically.
Clearing: processing: mentally, emotionally and physically.
Clarity: awake and alert in your thinking.
Courage: mental power.
Deal with: cope with all trauma's.
Death: to deal with sorrow.
Depression: because of not digested emotions.
Doing: makes clear and awake when you are mentally tired.
Duty: by all old patterns, that you have made your own.
Earth / Grounding: a better grounding because you can deal with everything.
Emotions: deal with emotions.
Environment: dealing with all emotions that have been put on to you from the environment.
Expansion: mental power to cope with the new.
Going on: when it is too much, when you can no longer deal with it mentally.
Higher Self: integration of spirituality.
Individuality: individual power.
Insight: in the patterns that are not yours, but that you have made your own.
Letting go: of difficult to handle emotions.
Limitations: hold on to old patterns and thoughts.
Male: wakes you up, makes clear and alert.
Matter: start the new through releasing the old.
Meditation: strengthens your spiritual connection.
Opposition: stay clear and awake, mental resilience.
Power: mental power.
Renewal: release old patterns.
Restore: helps with processing and digesting.
Restore: release of rhythms you picked up from others.
Sexuality: deal with incest and trauma.
Sorrow: helps to deal with all kinds of sorrow.
Spirituality: integration of spirituality.
Structures: the release of and the insight in old learned structures.
Stuck: release and go on.
Thinking: makes clear, alert and awake, gives mental strength.
Trauma: deal with all trauma.
Work: clear and awake, especially during heavy pressure.
Worries: mental power.
Energy: awake and alert; energy loss because you hold on to old patterns.
Sort out: makes clear, alert and awake; mental clearing.


The Peppermint essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Peppermint (Mentha piperita) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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