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Primal Soul Essence

10 ml stock essence

The Primal (Ancient) Soul Essence is an important combination for helping to reconnect with your soul, especially when you can no longer come into your power because you have lost the original connection with your soul.  This combination gives security and gives you the confidence you need to reconnect with the original power of your original source.

The combination Primal Soul ensures that you come back into your power, when you no longer know what your goal and your way on earth is.  It puts you back in the direction of the original choice of your soul, what you need for your manifestation on earth.

This combination brings you back into the here and now and makes sure that you let go of what is no longer necessary.  It gives you a deep trust in yourself and the universe.


The Primal Soul is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Earth Protection, Cell Energy, Angel Portal and Living Starlight.


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