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Purple Flower or Lark Daisy Essence brings lightness to energies around the head and allows the mind to relax. Awareness in healing.  To reflect the light of our being into the different kingdoms (animal, mineral, plant and human); opening up to the power of nature; insight into and becoming aware of our environment with regard to the different kingdoms.


Stuck: in the thinking.
Awareness: of your relation with nature.
Chaos: too much thinking.
Communication: with the different realms: human, animal, plant and mineral.
Deepening: deepens the contact with nature; the animal, plant, human and mineral world.
Development: in the communication with nature.
Heart: opens your heart for the inner stillness.
Letting go: of too many thoughts.
Listen: to the deeper, be open for your environment.
Thinking: let go of thinking.
Worries: for the release of the thinking.
Feelings: open your emotions for the powers of nature and of your environment.
Moving: when you are too much in your head.
Rest: in your thinking.
Environment: opens you for a deeper connection with your environment.
Healing work: gives opening and deepening.
Meditation: release the thinking.


The Purple Flower / Lark Daisy essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Purple Flower / Lark Daisy (Centratherum punctatum) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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