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Sensitive Weed  (Mimosa pudica)

Own space. Protection.

Brings stability, clarity and strength. To create space for yourself, undisturbed by others and pursue self-development under all circumstances. Gives protection against negative environments and persons who come too close. It has has given good results in cases with high or low blood pressure.

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Sensitive Weed brings stability, clarity and strength to the soul and mind. For choosing your path, full of certainty, and not letting yourself be drawn off your path. When others come too close and you no longer have any room.

When you are too sensitive, especially when others get too near for you. To have the space to create, and not let yourself be disturbed by others. So, you can pursue your self-development under all circumstances. To feel yourself protected and supported by your environment. To be able to accept this support and love. Also, the ability to recover quickly.


Adapt (to): to someone's space.
Anger: because you don't have enough space for yourself.
Aura: to take your own space for yourself.
Certainty: choose your way in certainty.
Childhood: when you withdraw instead of stand up for yourself.
Clarity: mental power and clarity.
Closed: because the other comes too close.
Courage: to stand up for your own space.
Drain: not be able to take your own space.
Emotions: emotionally too sensitive.
Environment: claim space for yourself.
Expansion: take your own space back again.
Expression: stand up for your own space.
Family: when you have no space for yourself in the family.
Fear: for having not enough space.
Feelings: overly sensitive when someone comes too close.
Going on: don't get disturbed by others.
Individuality: take your own space.
Irritation: because of a lack of personal space and from feeling too vulnerable.
Limitations: in your space.
Opposition: don't let yourself push aside, maintain your own space.
Oversensitive: when others crowd you in.
Power: don't get disturbed by others.
Protection: when you are too sensitive for others when they come too close.
Relations: not enough space for yourself.
Restore: of your own space.
Sexuality: when someone comes too close.
Shyness: when you don't have the courage to take space for yourself.
Space: when you are not able to stand up for your own space.
Struggle: for your own space.
Support: clam up too fast, when someone comes too close.
Vulnerability: when the other comes too close.
Acceptation: acceptance of support and love.


The Sensitive Weed essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Sensitive Weed (Mimosa Pudica) flower, organic brandy and spring water. 


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