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Soul Comfort Essence

10 ml stock essence

When the tears fall short and the pain can no longer be carried, Soul Comfort Essence softens and helps you regain your strength.  Despite the pain, you continue.  You feel that you are connected and supported again.  Helps not only with letting go of the pain and grief at the moment itself, but it also soothes the pain that has long been present in the soul.  To continue especially when the words no longer help, and every touch has become a painful memory.  Strengthens love for yourself and lets this love gently descend, so that you can open your eyes again and, despite all that has become dark, you can see the light of love again.

Soul Comfort takes you out of the web of sadness when you are trapped in it.  It helps you in a subtle and gentle way in loosening the threads of pain, and when you are liberated, it gives you the insight as to how you ended up in this.  Gives softness in the heart and breaks the wall around it.

For solving grief in the family line, for the pain of unrecognised children, in attachment disorder.  Gives a warm blanket of safety, peace and security.


The Soul Comfort is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Coprinus Auricomus, Borage, Snowdrop, Star of Bethlehem, Divine Love, Love, and Living Starlight.


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