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Soul Creation Essence

10 ml stock essence

The Soul Creation Essence takes you out of duality, struggle, obligations and control.  It helps you to no longer think of problems, but shift your focus to your possibilities. It lets you start anew from an inner strength and an inner balance.

Soul Creation gives you a powerful core, strengthens responsibility and makes you confident, so that you can receive who you are, from an inner peace and can release it without ending up in the fight.  You can compare it to being in a hurricane, where you are in the centre of the eye, and everything around you is moving, but nothing touches you and you can observe from the core, the inner silence. 

It assists with taking on new challenges and staying with yourself.  It helps you with letting go, lets you observe and stay with your feelings.  It also ensures that you do not get stressed and that you stay connected to your inner core of serenity, peace, joy, stability, strength and creativity.


The Soul Creation is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Earth Creation and Earth Vortex with White Angel.


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