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Soul Development Essence

10 ml stock essence

The Soul Development Essence is a particularly deeply working combination for the development and growth of your soul, especially when you have been looking for a new opportunity to grow for a long time.  This is also an important combination after you have use the combination Primal Soul. The next step, when you are connected to your soul again, is the expansion and growth of the soul.  However, in order to make this next step, you must be well protected.  Thereafter, the old restrictions regarding spiritual growth can be removed.  That takes some time, to finally arrive at the connection with Lemuria.  When after a long search of the soul the connection with paradise is made, the possibility arises to start working for the healing of the other.  This is only possible from the heart, because it contains the paradise (of Lemuria).

Comment:  The experience of Mrs. K.J. – The Soul Development essence gave, in my case, courage and decisiveness.  If you have been hesitating for a while and do not want to take any further steps by thinking rationally, then this combination will ensure that the feeling is so overwhelming that you cannot do more than move forward.  Going your own way.  In my case, this meant that after 12.5 years of working at a university of applied sciences, I resigned and have now started my own practice.  There is no way back and the decision was not safe, but the right one.


The Soul Development is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Protection, Divine Angel, Angel & Lemurian Portal, Impatiens, and the Spiritual Path.


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