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Soul Freedom Essence

10 ml stock essence

The Soul Freedom Essence gives you the freedom to be there for your soul.  It helps you let go of obligations that are deeply rooted, and trust that you have all the freedom you need for yourself.

It helps you let go of duality, and ensures that you can connect with the unique truth of your soul.  When you have problems with establishing your spiritual self, Soul Freedom reinforces your memory of who you really are.

Let go of judgement of yourself, your shadow side, and others.  It purifies and leaves you unconditionally; and allows you to open to your intuition and the message from the other side.  To be able to put yourself down in the here and now in a powerful and clear way, with clarity and clear choices.  Opens the consciousness to be able to make connections that make it possible to cooperate in the creation of the fourth dimension.


Soul Safety is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Orchid, Peppermint, Red Poppy, Trumpet Vine, Cell-Energy, and Children’s Vortex..


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