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Soul Manifestation Essence

10 ml stock essence

Soul Manifestation is a powerful combination that assists you with your manifestation on earth. When you lack the power to manifest on earth what is important for your soul, it helps you make the essential contact with your Self and lets this power flow through you completely, because you know there is no way back, only forward. It works to bring out your authenticity, your true, actual creature power from a soul level.

Soul Manifestation helps in connecting every cell of your being with the Universe and allows you to stand powerfully on earth through which you can continue your own Path of Light. It helps you know what to do, where to go and to be who you are. Soul Manifestation assists with the manifestation of your inner Buddha.

Customer comment:  Mrs. SL: “Remarkably enough, I notice that I am very strongly mirrored of my own old fears and emotional actions and express this in the situation in which I can keep calm and act and be from rest, making me feel it afterwards leaving me in love! Very nice to highlight and solve "my" imposed / learned / taken over old blockades and patterns in this loving way, to create space for who I really am as a soul !!” 


Soul Manifestation is combination essence made from the essences: Primal Soul, Cell-Energy, Clematis Vitalba and Divine Angel.


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