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The combination essence Soul’s Rest works on relaxing and letting go.  When there is too much tension in the head, this combination ensures that you can ground and that the head becomes silent.  It creates a safe space in which you can fully express your soul.

When there is a lot of pressure from outside your environment, this combination brings your focus back inside.  Good to use when you are sensitive to negative or electric fields in your environment and therefore cannot fall asleep or rest.

When the connection with your soul is disturbed.  Soul’s Rest makes sure that the third eye can receive the light of the soul again, so that you can reconnect with yourself and thus get direction and pleasure in life again.  This combination purifies and opens the third eye and ensures new growth and awareness.  This arises because you regain confidence in the future and through relaxation you can be open again for the new.


Soul’s Rest is a combination essence made from the flower essences Corncockle, Clematis, Motherwort, Sensitive Weed, Red Henbit, California Poppy, Foxglove and Ground Elder, and from the essences Earth Vortex with White Angel and Living Starlight.


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