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Soul Safety Essence

10 ml stock essence

The Soul Safety Essence is a combination essence for a deeper integration of your safety.  When you do not feel safe on earth and no longer have confidence in the big picture and you feel small and inferior.  When there has been no safety in the family line and therefore you do not know that there is a safe environment.

Soul Safety makes sure that you do not get carried away by your environment or family, but that you have the strength to stay with yourself.  Particularly important when there are regular moments which have to do with voodoo, absorbing energies and negative influences that block your manifestation on earth.

Because Soul Safety goes to a deep aspect of protection, old blockages can be released and new light can be integrated into the consciousness.  In this way you can also become a more complete and powerful person, because you receive the strength to let go of what no longer belongs to you.  Soul Safety makes you say it like it is and so that you can enter into conflicts instead of walking around them.  New boundaries are set - emotionally, physically and spiritually.


The Soul Safety is a combination essence made from the vibrational frequencies of: Angelica, Rue, Sneezewort, Earth Protection, Earth Vortex with White Angel, Protection, Divine Light and Integration.


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