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Stropharia Aurantiaca - Redlead Roundhead Mushroom  (Leratiomyces ceres)

Stability. Satisfaction.

Be happy on earth and be able to manifest your strength. Let go old failures. Helps with the clearing of emotions originating from failed relationships and failed actions. Taking life as it comes.

10 ml stock essence

Stropharia Aurantiaca essence deals with the grief or sadness that comes with the feeling of not belonging, when you have not been able to manifest the fire/power from your higher self. It helps with the release of tears and the renewing of your connection with the earth. Being happy and cheerful, not need many things, being content and trust the universe. It lets you stand up for yourself and brings your personality out through the connection with your spiritual source. Become aware why you cannot find happiness on earth, what is the cause of your vulnerability and be able to release it through trust.

Care and power for yourself, release patterns of doubt and find your way through the chaos of life. Find back the connection with who you are and stand up for who you are. Understand what happens around you and understand that this is necessary to take the next step in your consciousness. Helps to clear the emotions that come from old grief, broken up relations, actions that failed and new challenges. Take life in the moment and get the insight how to handle to avoid getting in the same old pattern, a pattern of pain, stress and grief. Find your new way and have the courage and the power to walk it, without getting obstructed.

In attuning on this fungus an old dizziness came up, that felt like Menière's disease. The idea was that this old problem had been healed many years ago. 

The Stropharia Aurantiaca is a very rare fungus that originates from Australia and has come to Holland with the wind. 


  • I release what is not important through the love of my heart.
  • I am connected with the earth through the pleasure that I have in the other and through enjoying life.
  • My soul opens for love and is ready for the challenges of life.


The Stropharia Aurantiaca Mushroom / Redlead Roundhead Mushroom essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Stropharia Aurantiaca Mushroom / Redlead Roundhead Mushroom (Leratiomyces ceres), organic brandy and spring water. 


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