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10 ml stock essence

Terra Extra has the same composition as Terra Emergency, but uses Little Inky Cap Mushroom in place of Mycena.

Terra Extra, an emergency combination essence, is for when you have used the normal Terra for a longer period than usual or when the stress and tension are due to old, deep-rooted or very high tension.

Terra Extra gives you a stronger connection with your soul and works harder to develop the feminine, and a deeper more refined connection with the earth. Terra Extra draws you out of your head and brings you back into the here and now, so you remain present to yourself and release your emotions. It gives an extra strong connection with the earth and in consequence helps you to stay in close connection with your soul. 

Mycena in the normal Terra purifies and gives insight into what remains to be purified while Little Inky Cap brings you back to your original source.  There the soul is exposed to the codes that in its origin it was receptive to, and is restored once again. 

Handling things from the perspective of what is good for yourself and not allowing yourself to be cut off from your source of strength or letting it be disturbed. 


The Terra Extra Combination Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of Little Inky Cap Mushroom, Angelica, Clematis, Orchid and Yellow Star Tulip, organic brandy and spring water.


Terra Extra is used in the same way as the normal Terra:

The best way to take Terra is to take two to five drops straight from the stock bottle under the tongue and/or to hold the essence bottle during prolonged periods of tension. 

The bottle can also be held near the place of tension or a dosage bottle containing at least four drops can be used for the same purpose.

Can be applied locally on the skin.

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