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The Wintergreen essence is made by Bram and Inske Zaalberg in the North of Sweden in a swamp area with high humidity and pure oxygen. The plant owes her name (round leafed wintergreen) to her round leaves and because it keeps its green leaves for at least one winter. It grows in groups; the flowers have no nectar and are not visited by insects. The self-pollination is normal and adult plants live in a symbiosis with a fungus for the supply of nitrogen (arbutiode mycorriza). The young plants have no chlorophyll and they only feed on humus. 

This flower essence helps you with the digestion of nutrition from the earth and it keeps you going on, while you drop everything that does not belong to you. 

The wintergreen gives you self-confidence and makes you aware of the fact that you have much more qualities in you than you show. It puts you in your own power and because of this you can release old, not processed emotions to the earth. Other people, with the same problems can recognize this and start to release these too. In this way you can be a healing mirror for the other. 

You can help others because the Wintergreen lets you stand in your own power, independent from your environment and with your heart in the right place. It lets you move on, helps you to expand and gives faith in yourself, so that you can bring out the qualities that you have hidden deep inside.


The New Times Round-leafed Wintergreen Essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Round-leafed Wintergreen flower, organic brandy and spring water.


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