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Dorothy Maclean meets the ‘Cosmic Angel of Stone’, and speaks to the Mineral Kingdom...

Dorothy Maclean, ‘the woman who heard the angels sing, was one of the founding members of the Findhorn Community in Scotland.  Part of her role there involved communicating with the nature spirits, Devas and angels.

“Dorothy wrote that whereas humans mostly identify with their personalities, devas had a difference sense of self. Humans, she wrote, usually see their limited selves, needing contrasts like love and hate to make sense of their experiences. Devas, by contrast, live in the consciousness of their oneness with the divine consciousness. Their lives are expressions of joy, without the contrast or sense of separation that makes human life spicy and often difficult.

Yet the devas asserted that humans are capable of living with as much power and authority as themselves...”  (Read this fascinating article about her life.)

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