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Flower Essences for “Vibrational Immunity”

While flower essences do not treat the physical symptoms of COVID-19, they can help us to reclaim our inner peace, innate sense of dignity with healthy boundaries, and indomitable strength in the face of obstacles – all helpful qualities to maintain our wellness.  Lila's article makes suggestions as to which essences can help during these difficult times.  Read more...

by Lila Devi

Flower essences work with our own nature, helping us to reclaim our inner peace, innate sense of dignity, and indomitable strength in the face of obstacles .Read More...

Four Seasons of Spirit-in-Nature and Women in the Tale of Genji
by Ayako-san

This brilliant paper was submitted as part of the Level III Home Study Course, documenting the parallels between the 4 seasons of the SiNE Essence Spectrum Chart and 4 characters in the first and thus oldest novel ever written in the world by Lady Murasaki. It is a historical treasure rich in psychological insights.  Read More...

Flower Essence Questionnaire – for Pets
…The Flower Essences Questionnaire helps to explain essences for specific behaviours, emotions and situations in our pets.  Read More...

Pets & Essences Blogs

Flower Essences for Obesity in our Pets

Cherry Essence for a Rescue Dog – What Joy!

Introducing a New Cat into the Home with Flower Essences  


Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences Explained

The Flower Essence Spectrum Chart - To Everything There Is a Season

Lila Devi explains how the Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences can be divided into the Stages of Life and Seasons of the Year, and the Masculine and Feminine.  Her Essence Spectrum Chart helps to explain the Spirit-in-Nature Essences in a workable system, though in no way limit the whole of humanity with finite definitions.  Read More...

Theme and Plot Flower Essences

Lila Devi explains a new terminology for the world of flower essences—theme and plot applications, when to use them and how they are determined. Basically, flower essences fall into two categories, of theme and plot essences. This means that we each have one theme essence, with occasional exceptions, and nineteen plot essences within the context of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences, all coming into play at different times in our lives.  Read More... 


YouTube Videos Explaining Each of Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences


Check out the twenty plus short videos Lila Devi has made, one to explain each of the Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essences…and more.