This page lists ALL of the Spirit-in-Nature Flower Essence products in alphabetical order.  If you would like to see information about their essences for Adults, Children and Pets, please go to the top of this page and place your cursor on Shop Essences, and then scroll down to Spirit-in-Nature.

Please Note:

Some countries require 'expiration dates' on their products, even though, in terms of essences, these are not really necessary.  Essences last for years, usually decades, as long as they are stored in the appropriate manner.   The Spirit-in-Nature Essences do have expiration dates on them, and some of them are now beyond our current date - 2020.  Some 'expired' in 2018 and some in 2019.  

If you see this notice on the page of the essence you are ordering the discount applies because that particular essence will be 'out of date'.  These essences are still viable, but because of the expiration date we are offering them on sale - 50% off...while stock lasts. 

Please use the code SiNE-50 at the checkout to receive your discount.

Note:  The 30 ml bottles are being phased out by Spirit-in-Nature and will no longer be available once our stock runs out.  The bottle images you see on our website for 30 ml essences are of 15 ml bottles, however, be assured that the bottles sold will be 30 ml until stock runs out, at which point the 30 ml bottle option will be removed.  Thanks for your consideration!