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Some countries require 'expiration dates' on their products, even though, in terms of essences, these are not really necessary.  Essences last for years, usually decades, as long as they are stored in the appropriate manner.   The Spirit-in-Nature Essences do have expiration dates on them, and some of them are now beyond our current date - 2020.  Some 'expired' in 2018 and some in 2019.  

If you see this notice on the page of the essence you are ordering the discount applies because that particular essence will be 'out of date'.  These essences are still viable, but because of the expiration date we are offering them on sale - 50% off...while stock lasts. 

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15 ml stock essence  

Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) 

Calmness. To have greater calmness and inner strength when confronting the difficulties in your life. Also, for clear communication skills and promoting creativity, self-expression, and expansiveness. For an inner sense of restfulness and dynamic, energized stillness. For restlessness, inability to concentrate, excitability, repressed and troubled emotions, dispelling emotional turmoil, replacing it with even-mindedness. Confers the ability to speak one’s truth, restores clear communication skills, and creates a productive, clear-thinking environment for highly creative people. Freedom to experience the more subtle states of relaxation. 

(Written by founder Lila Devi and used with permission from ‘The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Essences’.)


I am calm. I am free. In undisturbed stillness, I find my true home.


This essence is made from the vibrational frequencies of the Lettuce (Lactuca Compositae) flower, brandy (40%/volume alcohol), and water.


Generally speaking, take 2 to 4 drops stock essence, 4 times a day directly under the tongue or added to juice, tea, or other beverage and taken on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before a meal or 1 hour after.

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    Lettuce Flower Essence…for Calmness


    “Thank you so much for Lettuce. I was much calmer during the presentations I’ve made recently.”  ~ JH, Ft. Collins, CO

    “I took Lettuce hourly the day of, and then just before, giving a lecture. I felt totally calm in front of an audience of forty people. I was surprised at how relaxed I was!”  ~ SW, North San Juan, CA

    “My daughter would scream at night from eczema. After one drop of Lettuce on two consecutive nights, she fell back to sleep immediately both times. Also, I took one drop of Lettuce before a harrowing visit to the periodontist. I was instantly calmed.”  ~ MS, San Leandro, CA

    “I use Lettuce to relax into sleep, for after meditating at night I’m often too charged up to relax. I use Lettuce, too, if there are uncalming things going on with others in the environment.”  ~ RB, Bend, OR

    “My son is still waking up a lot at night, but on Lettuce, I am handling it better. I’m not as wound up as before.”  ~ RS, San Francisco, CA

    “I felt a definite sense of peace on Lettuce-closer to my centre. When you get sick, your energy scatters. It brought my energy more toward that centre and made severe facial poison oak easier to cope with.”  ~ CS, Colfax, CA

    More in-depth information about this essence may be found in ‘The Essential Flower Essence Handbook’ by Lila Devi.

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